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  Lector digital p/torno de 2m (Value Line 12"x80")
Lector Digital Lector Digital Económico SDS6-2V
Lector Digital Lector Digital Económico SDS6-2V
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Detalles de la máquina
The SDS6 display console is a brand new for 2008 universal application readout, utilising 32bit CPLD 3.3volt technology, c/w a 16bit CPU. With the multi function panel board, it is able to be used on many machine position control applications, including lathe, milling, & grinding. Most importantly, - each axis can provide 40 points of (segmented) non linear error compensation, which when coupled with linear scale inspection data, can demonstrably improve accuracy, & repeatability. As well, should the user demand, a single SDS6 console can be transferred easily between machining centres, bringing a new cost effective dynamic to the work place.

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